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An intriguing network of rivers, canals, waterways, and open sea circumnavigates the eastern half of North America.  This navigable system, known as the Great American Loop along with its numerous side trips beckoned  Bob and me in late 2009.

We bought Arkansas Traveler, a 2002 Monk 36 trawler, in the spring of 2010 in Punta Gorda, Florida.   In May we began our first voyage, along with our marine surveyor, John Linck, delivering Traveler to Fairhope, Alabama.

In the early summer of 2010, Bob and I cruised up the Mobile River to the Tombigbee River, and across the Tenn-Tom waterway to the Tennessee River.   We anchored every night in various nooks and coves along the route, enjoying the sunsets and stars deep in the American south.  The barge traffic was fascinating, and we are still in awe at the skills of the tow captains as they pushed multiple, heavily laden barges through the rivers.

We are creating this blog for friends and family who may want to know where we are and what we are doing.  This blog is also for those with boats, boating dreams, and an interest in the Loop and its treasures.  We invite you along as we explore our trawler, this beautiful corner of our planet, and our adventure.

11 Responses to Home – About America’s Great Loop and “Arkansas Traveler”

  1. Martha Bradley says:

    You’re bookmarked now; so I’ll be checking for more posts. Fair weather to you and Bob! Martha B.

  2. OK! Got you in our folder of special contacts, which means you will automatically be notified when we pick the winning Loto ticket.

  3. Tom & Margaret says:

    Just got a message from Sarah on the “Manatee”. They are in Dog River Marina and will be there for about a month. Seems they got tied up with someone in a house boat and they were towing him down the Tenn-Tom because he was worried about running out of gas. I sure there’s more to that story. Never knew a house boat traveler that didn’t have at least four or five gas cans on board.

  4. Clay Winkelman says:

    Love the posts and pictures! We miss and love you guys!!

  5. john Dyess says:

    How and where are you and the Arkansas traveler

  6. john Dyess says:

    I forgot to check notify me by email

  7. bridgeof7 says:

    Jan. 20: Send up a flare if you’re alive.

  8. arnold fields says:

    i got your great looptrip hooked up and will keep up with details. still will call you just to let you know were keeping an eye on your adventures. bingo! bingo!

  9. Patsy Potter says:

    Think you are in AR and left the warm weather here…we are readying ourselves for the Mardi Gras in New Orleans…Will be there 5 days… The weather this week is beautiful and I hope it holds on. My daughter has been pushing me to exercise, so we are walking the bridge (1.7 miles each way) which we hardly notice the distance because of the beautiful view. Enough about us… How are things going? Are your plans working out? I sure hope so… take care and keep in touch. Hugs, Patsy

  10. bridgeof7 says:

    Saw news about Pensacola. Don’t know exactly where you all are. I assume you are safe.

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