Otter Cove, East

Throughout the winter, thoughts of returning to Otter Cove sustained our dreams of cruising. This Otter Cove is on the Ontario eastern shore of Lake Superior.  It is difficult to describe its draw. Perhaps the high rugged cliffs, the songs of waterfalls and Loons, the curious Bald Eagle that follows us as we explore by dinghy, the beauty of the sunsets, or the brilliant orange of the lichens on the exposed rocks of the cuestas pull us with their majesty. Each one beckons, calling boldly, “I am the world. You are welcome here.”

Leaving the uncertainty of the wind and waves of the big lake, Arkansas Traveler skirts rocky shoals through a series of islands and rock outcroppings to protection deep inside Otter Cove.  Cliffs and forest surround us. There are no roads to this haven. You can only get here by boat.

The mud bottom provides excellent holding for the anchor and the wide cove allows plenty of swing room. The high sides of the cove protect us from wind. There is serenity here.  There is nature at her happiest. Enduring. Unfolding.







We stayed in Otter Cove for four nights. We left one day too soon.

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4 Responses to Otter Cove, East

  1. Kathy White says:

    Beautiful place. The photography is incredible. Keep them coming.

  2. Patsy Potter says:

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing the tranquility… Hugs

    • Otter Cove is quite the place. It can be difficult to find such an area of contentment in our busy lives. Sometimes I fall asleep counting and revisiting the anchorages of northern and eastern Lake Superior.

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