June 22; Four-Mile Bend to Sumter Recreation Area

Trying to make up for lost time earlier in the trip, we put in a long day to gain 85 miles. We refueled at the Demopolis Yacht Basin, taking on 155 gallons of diesel, and topped off our 120-gallon water tank.    We passed through two locks, Demopolis and Heflin, and anchored in a small embayment in the Sumter Recreation Area near Gainesville, Alabama as sunset ended our 12-hour day.

A constant cloud cover protected us from the high heat of an Alabama June sun.

The Tombigbee River has been shaping the limestone banks for millions of years.


The weather was warm with intermittent showers.











A highway bridge and a railroad bridge span the Tombigbee River.

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1 Response to June 22; Four-Mile Bend to Sumter Recreation Area

  1. bridgeof7 says:

    How are you handling heat and mosquitoes?

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