Bay Springs Lake to Amory Lock; October 22

October 22, 2010

Though we intended to travel from can to can’t, we had difficulty leaving the beauty of Bay Springs Lake.  Shortly after 0815 we raised the anchor and reluctantly headed south.

The day was work-filled, stepping down through 5 locks.  We discovered a slight but continuous drip from the dripless stuffing box (that contraption that helps the spinning drive shaft exit the hull and yet not let water enter).  We have the dripless type, unless, of course, it drips.  After tightening the end hose clamp, the dripping ceased, at least for the time being.

The day was also filled with birds – numerous codgeries of rafting coots, a coil of blue-winged teal, and a sublime pair of bald eagles watching us as we picked our way through snags to the anchorage just north of Amory Lock.

One last look at Bay Springs Lake:

Built primarily for commercial traffic, the locks swallow a trawler.

Built primarily for commercial traffic, the locks swallow a trawler

Fenders protect the boat from the lock walls.

Fenders protect the boat’s hull from the lock walls.

Another anchorage; another superb sunset.

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