Friends and Family

Aside from the numerous hurdles to leap and skills to master, our major concern while planning for the Loop is leaving friends and family.

Each family member has, in his or her own way, reconciled to our absence and has come to grips with mom/dad being away.  Preparing children to become independent and happy decision-making adults is about half of what successful parenting is.  The other half is, of course, being able to let go.

Friends are a different matter and they each fill different spaces in our hearts; residing there, available to be tapped for sage advice and strength.

Thus a highlight of our preparations has been the several visits of friends and family during our summer stay at Florence Harbor, Alabama, and the planning of future visits…

Ann at Joe Wheeler State Park; always the successful fly fisherman

On the dock with Dick and Susan

Ann fending off the lock wall in Wilson Lock

For Carl and Ann early fall was warm on the Tennessee River...

And blustery for Dick and Susan

Aleks in command of "Arkansas Traveler"

Youngest son, Aleks, birdwatching

It is paramount that someone maintain complete control of a vessel at all times. Which of these dance-masters was piloting?

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