The Traveler

We are admonished to focus on the journey of life, and not the destination; as if there was some divine reward in the travel feature, the day-to-day act of living as we move through our lives to some distant station.  And yet, pausing to enjoy the journey continues to be an elusive goal.

Life enchants by its series of goals.  Keeps us hooked by the small successes, an endless gauntlet of high-fives and the deep desire to reach them.  Neurons fire small explosive packets of happy hormones with each achievement.  Everything appears to be driven by the ends, not the means.  Are we there yet?  Destination is everything.

And thus, deep into a November evening while searching for a simple lake boat, the phrase, “Great American Loop,” appeared. There was the map.  And a wee, plaintive sentence rose forth, “I want to do that.”

The search for a loop-ready boat was set in motion and this journey begins.

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5 Responses to The Traveler

  1. StellaBella says:

    I am ready to start my journey with you….vicariously, of course. Let the good times begin, my friends.

  2. ozark kindred spirit says:

    votre deuxieme voyageur de chaise de bras attend votre prose lyrique et photos !

  3. says:

    I finally caught the site.

    A small piece of the watershed that makes your trip possible spreads before me. Mist and wind and water carry old and new souls along the way. They travel silently through turbulence and calm until they caress the Traveler and its precious cargo.

    The most important thing is to have fun.


  4. knovak says:

    “sail on, silver girl”

  5. tom Barnes says:

    Robert, Judy;
    You are several days into the cruising mode now and probably getting close to Mobile Bay.
    The day after you left a fellow Great Loop traveler came into the marina that had anchored at Two Rocks the night before. Commented on your great boat handling skills as you approached the anchorage. Said you were off at the crack of dawn and was amazed at the ease your anchor windlass weighed anchor. Thought I’d let you know, already there are eye’s on you.
    Smooth waters and beautiful sunsets to you my friends. Keep us posted as the journey unfolds.

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